kawan ♥

wan ann ! *chinese* :D on9 fesbuk and hati pn dah hanco brkecai , so nak ilang ken tensyen laa :/

nak story pasal KAWAN kite nie ;

*edit xbpe nak lawa la korang* :/

ade pesanan dari eqin utk kalian ;)

eqin kate ; dy SAYANG korang byk byk ♥

guys , jgn tgglkan ak taw . sbb ak xley idop takde korang kt hostel tuu , okay ? *ecehh* lastly , I LOVE YOU ALL DAMN FUCK MUCH guys :) muahmuahh XD

birthday party daddy :D

okay , good night all ! actually kite nak post psal kite and family sume pegi party ayah dkt UMBAI :) along kite blanje taw :P lalala *thanx along* nak story tp mls laa , so enjoy pix kt bwh okay XD 

**byk lg actnye , tp mlas gile nk upload . laen kali jela yek :( sorry , dah ! bhaii assalamualaikum :D

happy birthday AYAH :) ♥

*teeeeett* :) lame sudah tak update blog kann ? lalala :P

eqin shoutz ; HAPPY BORNDAY AYAH :) this is just for you ;

sorry dad ! just a simple cake *picture actually* that i can give you :( even you take a lot of care about me when i was born till now ;) you teach me how to walk , to run and everything :) like this ;
thank you PAPA♥ you know what ? I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH dear FATHER :) i promise that i will make you cry because of my straight A's in PMR , I PROMISE dad ;)

for you ;

Not many can have a father ,
 who's half as great as you .
As might try , but they fall shy
you're a top-notch father , it's true .

So that's why on your birthday ,
I want to make sure you know ,
I admire you sincerely and I love you dearly ,
And those feeling continue to grow .


I feel safe when you are with me ,
You show me fun things to do ;
You make my life much better ,
The best father I know is you .

I'm happy you're my dad ,
And so I want to say ,
I LOVE YOU dad , and wish you 

-the End -